Herbal Infusions

Gathered in season, composed and mixed from top quality herbs

DARMAN stands for Aroma

Sustainably grown in the mountains of Tavush Region of Armenia, our famous herbal infusions are gathered in season, composed and mixed from top quality herbs.

All this for an exquisite sipping experience and ultimate health benefits, without the throwback of caffeine, present in regular teas.


The range of natural herbal teas from mountainous region Tavush: Mint, Oregano, Thyme, Ziziphora etc.

Darman Thyme 30gr

Cleans the body, Improves immunity

Lowers and stabilizes blood pressure

Darman Mint 20gr

Calms nerves

Helps fight indigestion

Darman Ziziphora 40gr

Strong antioxidant

Anti-tumor properties

Lowers chances of diabetes and heart attack

Darman Origanum 30gr

Helps with depression and listlessness

Helps with hormonal complaints and female disorders

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