We put nature first

In compliance with the highest Organic European standards

The herbs, flowers, berries and honey are sourced in Tavush region of Armenia

The one of a kind natural environment, Armenian soil, sun and water ensure the unique taste profile and healing qualities of our herbs, that are grown at an altitude of 1300-2300m above the sea level.

Nature does not slack when it comes to the quality and detail of her creations and neither do we

We gather, process, mix and package our products according to the highest Organic European standards.

This is achieved by:

  • Gather in season

    gathering all ingredients and essential oils of the herbs at the right stage of each plant’s growth and development,

  • Controlled drying

    protecting them from direct sunlight and high temperatures when drying,

  • Leaves and buds selection

    selecting only the whole top leaves and undamaged buds,

  • Non-chemical manual cleaning

    cleaning them entirely by hand, without any chemical processing

  • Professional composition

    professionally composing mixtures with best taste and healing qualities

  • Natural and safe packaging

    as well as packaging them using natural and safe materials.

Preservation of
all essential oils
Optimal value in weight,
price and health benefits
Deep flavor and taste
with low sediment content